As someone who has struggled with infertility, I know that when you try to become a parent and can’t, your whole life becomes affected by the attempt. Infertility takes a toll on our work, finances, self-esteem, partnerships, schedules, and friendships.

Most people find it very helpful to have someone to talk to during this struggle, someone with personal experience and professional expertise to empathize with the painful process of inseminations, shots, in-vitro, donor egg, donor sperm, surrogacy, or adoption.

It’s always helpful to learn ways to cope with the sometimes lengthy and difficult process of trying to become a parent. You probably could use some help making the tough choices about treatment and family building options. I can help you with the feeling that your life is on hold and guide you through the many decisions and emotions on the journey to parenthood.

The following is a list of infertility-related topics we can address together.

For individuals and couples undergoing infertility diagnosis and treatment:
Infertility is a painful experience that makes many feel that their lives have stalled. We will discuss the impact infertility is having on your life and how to cope.

For individuals and couples considering adoption, egg/sperm donation, or gestational surrogacy:
The successful transition from genetic to non-genetic parenting is made so much easier by the acknowledgement of its significance.

To help with decision-making about infertility treatments and alternatives:
Infertility can be approached from many perspectives, and I assist you in the process of debating and choosing options that are the most appropriate and comfortable for you.

For relationships struggling under the pressure of infertility:
It’s not uncommon for partners to approach infertility differently. Together we will explore the emotions you both feel to create an environment that is supportive and fosters communication.

Recovery from pregnancy loss:
The loss of a pregnancy, whether via miscarriage, termination, or reduction, requires a great deal of empathy and support. I can help you work through your feelings and move forward.

Guidance in talking with young children about donor conception:
It is critical that parents that create families through donor assistance feel comfortable with their family-building stories. I specialize in helping parents learn how to become comfortable talking with their children and others about the process that created their family.

For issues parenting after infertility:
The emotions that result from infertility can result in parenting challenges related to overprotectiveness, boundary-setting, and information sharing. I assist parents in addressing and working through these challenges.

What it means to be a single mother by choice and raising a child conceived through sperm donation:
Single mothers by choice often face emotional challenges related to parenting without a partner, dating as a single mother by choice, and explaining their child’s genetic origin. I guide women through these issues.

*All these services are available to those who are single or partnered and to all gender identifications and sexual orientations.