Facilitate meetings between donors and recipients:


→ In the safety of my warm and comfortable office, I facilitate meetings between previously anonymous donors and intended parents as well as directed/known donors and recipients.



Letter to physician for recipients:


→ I provide pyschoeducational consultations for intended parents that are creating families through gamete (egg or sperm) donation or surrogacy. The letter is submitted to your physician.



Help selecting an ovum/sperm donor or gestational carrier:


→ I assist intended parents in clarifying priorities and narrowing down their list of potential donors.



Psychological evaluations for egg donors, gestational carriers, and known sperm donors:


→ I administer a standardized test and conduct a clinical interview administered in person, which is used to determine psychological health and appropriateness for being a donor or gestational carrier.



Writing/editing “Dear Birth Parent” letters:


→ I assist intended parents waiting to be matched with a birth family to craft letters that effectively communicate their personalities.