If you are providing care for a loved one with a chronic illness, you are most likely feeling tired, frustrated, scared and sad. This is a long term job and you undoubtedly feel many feelings–from day to day and minute to minute.

Whether your loved one has a form of dementia causing multiple cognitive difficulties or has a physical/medical illness, YOU need support, too.

Remember the old adage, Put your oxygen mask on first. It’s true. We are no good to anyone when we are depleted.

Counseling can help support you through some very tough times. I can help you find resources to help you and your family. I can remind you of ways to make sure you stay healthy and care for yourself as well as the person you are caring for. I can help guide you through the sometimes lonely, always challenging journey to help loved ones, often until they ultimately leave us.

Call me. I’ve been there. I cared for my mother for over a decade as she declined into advanced dementia. I would be honored to help you figure out what you need to be your best self while giving so much to others.